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ReturnTeacher research room and group research room

1、Type and Borrow Period of Research Room:


Room Number

Using Time

The Number of Users

Time Allocation

Teacher Research Room


1 day

Teacher+Student≤6 Persons

Monday-Sunday 9:00-21:30

Group Research Room



3—6 Persons

Monday-Friday 9:00-21:30

2.Teacher research reserved for the graduate school teachers to use. Applicants need to fill out the "teachers' research room application form", by teachers card for the key card. Each room is available for 1 ~ 6 people to use. Using for 1 day. People can make an appointment. Key card will be failed after the time limit. Before library closes, user must return the key card, or it will regard as overdue default.

3.Group research room are reserved for senior graduate student to research topic.Every application can be used for 1days, according to the project schedule can renew 3 times. Each room is available for 3 ~ 6 people to use. Reader can make an appointment. Used by the project group member reader card for the key card. Before library closes, user must return the key card, or it will regard as overdue default.

4. Research room illegal using process
 4.1 Overdue default: stop using 3 days for the first time, second time stop using 1 week;
 4.2 Key card lost or damage:each card 20 yuan;
 4.3 Damage research room equipment, facilities should pay compensation, and stopping use one month;
 4.4 Random move research room internal and external tables and chairs or other facilities: stop using 1 week;
 4.5 Random Connecting or pulling out power supply, cables. Using other electrical appliances except notebook:stop using 1 week;
 4.6 Eating in the research room (except tea, water), drop litter: stop using 1 week;
 4.7 After using research room leave the unborrowed items in the room:stop using 1 week;
 4.8 Making noise to influence others:stop using 1 week;
 4.9 In violation of the provisions of the library management according to relevant regulations;
 4.10 The reader refuse to mend his way after repeated education or have bad attitudes will be written into the blacklist, no longer use.