Service Location: General Service Desk on the Second Floor of Library

Service Time: Monday to Sunday, 9:00-21:30

(Please wait for further notice on legal holidays and winter vacation.)

Telephone Number: 0755-26032935

Before submit the thesis, please download and sign the following statement:

Statement of Copyright and Authorization for Use of Theses of Shenzhen University Town

Note: it is necessary to upload the scanned copy of the original statement of Shenzhen University Town Library version on the paper submission system, which must be handwritten signed by the tutor and the author. If it is necessary to delay the release, the reason must be stated.

Submission Instruction of Electronic Thesis

The electronic thesis submission system is: 论文管理系统

Handing Procedures:

1. Print the document Statement of Copyright (signature, scanning, uploading scanned copy)

2. Submit electronic thesis and wait for librarian review

3. Print the Thesis Receipt in the electronic thesis submission system after approval

4. Submit a copy of the printed papers to the library (or uniformly submit by departments after confirming the name list of graduates to library)

5Apply for leaving procedures on the general service desk of library or through the departure system.


Notes for accessing thesis management system

1. For off-campus students, please log in to the thesis management system through VPN or proxy system.

1) the portal of VPN (to be downloaded and installed):


2) the portal of the agent system: 代理入口的链接

suggested browsers: chrome, Firefox, Sogou, Safari (Apple System)

2. Please use the campus card number and the complex password (letters and numbers) to log in to the thesis management system. Please change the default password for the first login and follow the instruction to set complex passwords.

The default password includes eight numbers. Please count the passport number form the last fifth number to the first number, if less than eight numbers, use number 8 to replace. For example, passport number is G8654321, the default password is 8888G865.

3.If the password is incorrect, please follow the operation instructions "retrieve the password"; If you fail to retrieve your password, please consult the 0755-26032935.

4. No campus card or whose campus card has been cancelled, please consult your teacher or the library staff (0755-26032935), apply for a VPN special account, and then register a new account with the student number in the thesis management system for thesis submission.

During the epidemic period, in order to make it easier for students to graduate and leave school smoothly, the paper version of the degree thesis is adjusted to be submitted voluntarily, and the borrowed books can be mailed to the library for return:

Attached to the express: name of the borrower, campus card number, contact information, number of returned books, and title of returned books.

Address: User Service Department of university town library, No. 2239, Road lishui, Xili, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province (Note: return books or submit papers)


Leaving Procedures on Internet (For students at Tsinghua University or Peking University)

Students must use the campus card number to register on the Leaving System of Tsinghua University. After registration and finishing the electronic thesis submission as requested, students need not to go to the library for leaving procedures if students have returned the borrowed books and paid the fine for overdue books.

At the centralized management period, library will deal with the name list of studentof Tsinghua University in every morning of workday. It takes 2-3 working days to review and process the electronic thesis. Non-centralized management period, please contact 0755-26032935.


Resources Construction Department of Library is responsible for the review of electronic thesis. Working Time: Monday to Friday, 9:00-11:30 a.m. and 14:00-17:20 p.m. (closed on holidays) If there is any problem with the review, please contact with Mrs. Jin (Tel: 0755-26032473). The librarian of the service desk is not responsible for the review of electronic thesis on the spot, only check the result of the review.

Opening Hours

Shenzhen University Town Library (SUTL) to close temporarily 
to the public patrons during the campus close-off management 

SUTL to close temporarily since May 11th, 2020.
“Non-Touch Book Check-In & Out Service” provided ONLY for 
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