Our roles and mission

As the first library with dual functions of public library and academic library, Shenzhen Library of Science and Technology is shared by graduate schools of four universities: Peking University, Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Nankai University, and open to the local residents. Its mission“All for the people, for all the people” aims to serve the local students and faculty members, corporate researchers and ordinary Shenzhen residents.

The Library building

Located in the heart of the campus, the building of Shenzhen Library of Science and Technology (a.k.a. University Town Library), has the beauty of crouching tiger and hidden dragon.

As the first new type library to combine the function of public and academic library, University Town Library was designed to have holding capacity of 1.5 million volumes, 3000 seats, 1700 data ports, and 8000 visitors expected daily.

The library's interior design along with architecture design gives the building a feel of elegance. Grey and white mixed with orange create a vibrant theme in the library. Spacious design is applied in all floors with the same height, pole distance and payload, which makes it convenient for patrons and library's future expansion. It is a library where people enjoy reading and studying quietly and peacefully.

Functional Areas Layout

Designed to meet different needs of patrons and library management as well, the library has adopted grid-like layout to facilitate workflow and patron access, group communication and personal privacy with designated areas as follows:

1.General Services Area


3.Chinese Newspaper & Periodicals Area

4.Chinese Monographs Area

5.Multimedia Area

6.Designated Library for Enterprises

7.Foreign Languages Collection Area

8.Information Commons

9.Research and Study Carrels

10.Scholarly Communication Area

11.User Instruction Area

12.Staff Work Area

The Logo

The transformed and flying “u” in the logo has three special meanings: firstly, it indicates that UTSZ is made up of graduate schools of four highly regarded universities. Secondly, the flying strip represents the library as the flowing river of knowledge which is responsible for the preservation and dissemination of all mankind knowledge. Lastly, the infinitely extending shape represents our committed services to the general public and devotion for the city's economic and cultural development.

The simple yet clever design of the logo symbolize the library's idea of people-oriented service. It is ready for extensive use for its color of elegance and composure, which reflects the contemporary characteristic of a science and technology library.

Collection Development

In order to meet the needs of local technology innovation, local business development and resident schools, the library's collection development policy places equal importance to access and asset, print and electronic resources. Collections of science and technology, business, foreign language materials and fulltext database build up the library's core collections in the disciplines of electronic information, chemical biology, material science, logistic management, urban planning and environmental protection.

To achieve the goal of resources sharing across national and regional libraries, we have joined the CALIS (China Academic Library & Information System) and establish relationship with NSTL(National Science and Technology Library) among other domestic and foreign institutions. The library also makes extensive use of remote access to home campus of four graduate schools to provide local library services. 

Our Services

Circulation Services 

Persons aged 16 or above are eligible for Library cards which enable cardholders to checkout various library items. Patrons may borrow and return library materials at General Service counters, selfhelp machines and book return boxes.

Interlibrary loan service is available in the library via CALIS and other national and international library resource network. 

Reference Services 

Different types of reference service offered include: 

Research and Document Delivery Services 

As professional librarians, we conduct searches on behalf of patrons in a collection of databases, periodicals and books and the retrieved document copy will be delivered locally or remotely. 

Citations Reporting Service 

We offer help in identifying citations records in databases such as SCI, EI, CPCI-S and issue corresponding report and certificate. 

Scientific Novelty Reporting service 

We provide scientific novelty reporting service for research evaluation, technology import and related projects and issue corresponding report and certificate. 

Patents searching and counseling service 

We can conduct intellectual property audits to identify patentable inventions, trade secrets, and other proprietary interests. We conduct searches and rendering opinions on patentability of inventions,patent infringement and validity. We also provide unique services in the area of infringement risk analysis and counseling with focuses on long-range patent portfolio development and management. 

Selected topic counseling 

We provide research reports according to the topics selected by patrons via the delivery of bibliography records,index, abstracts, and fulltext materials. 

Topic Tracking Service 

Latest searching results(bibliography records, index, fulltext) are sent to patrons periodically to fulfill personalized information needs.

Competitive Intellengence Counseling 

We offer services in the field of competitors tracking, industry analysis, market alerts, street planning, product development, and information security.

Information Literacy Education 

We give classes and lectures on how to use a library, database searching technique, information analysis and etc to help patrons make better use of library and master learning skills in a lifelong learning journey. 

Translation Service 

We offer help in translating materials of foreign language to Chinese and vice versa. 

Library for Enterprise 

A wide range of special collection including industry policy, entrepreneur theory, industry study, yellopage, yearbook, management and marketing, investment, trading, property, taxes, and laws. Center for Small-Median Business, experts forum, and expert counseling are setup to serve the needs of SMB. 

Multimedia Information Service 

A media lab in the library allows patrons to create design works making use of the library’s extensive collection of visual resources. Patrons can also enjoy VOD service on public computer terminal.


In addiction to library collections and information services, we also have facilities that include: 

Scholarly Conference Hall 

A 260-seats room,which is equipped with Digital Video Multiple Display System, Digital Conference System, Synmetric Translation System, Remote Video Conference System and Central-Controlled symmetric audio and video recording system, will be used for international scholarly conferences and seminars. 

Multiple Purpose Exhibition Hall 

A room with an exterior area of 300 sq. meters and interior area of 400 sq. meters, which is equipped with stage lighting, multimedia capability, conference audio amplification system, large digital video display function, central control function, and AV tuning capabilities, will be used for expositions and scholarly activities as well. 

Conference Room 

A 60-seat conference room is equipped with CATV System, multimedia capability, conference audio amplification system, large digital video display function, central control function,two-way video conference hosting function, and AV tuning capabilities. 

Classroom for training 

Two 78-seat classrooms for training are equipped with data ports with access to LAN, conference audio amplification system, large digital video display function, and central control function. 

Research Carrels 

24 research carrels of 11 to 16 sq. meters are ready for 1-6 persons discussion and group study. 

Group discussion Room 

5 group study rooms of 40-80 sq. meters can be used for group discussion, group study, and group meeting.

Shenzhen Library of Science and Technology and Shenzhen Residents

It is a key objective of our work to have lasting support from every Shenzhen resident. We appreciate your concerns about the library and care for your needs and requests, which lead to improvement of our services. As we strive to provide the best services to all type of entities, we value your opinions. You may write an e-mail to the Library Director, participate in library surveys, pay a visit to the library, or even join in various library programs.


Opening Hours

Shenzhen University Town Library (SUTL) to close temporarily 
to the public patrons during the campus close-off management 

SUTL to close temporarily since May 11th, 2020.
“Non-Touch Book Check-In & Out Service” provided ONLY for 
staff, faculties, and students of the Shenzhen University Town Campus.
Service Hour: Monday to Friday: (9:00-17:00)
Main Entrance on the first floor of SUTL along Xueyuan Road
Holidays and Weekends: Fully Closed

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