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Document services


Document delivery is a free service providing eligible users with access to requested items held by our library electronic or collected resources.

Eligible Users

This service is available to patrons in Shenzhen, no matter if they hold our library membership. Enterprise users which have service contract with our library are also eligible.

Service Procedures

1. Patrons order the request by submitting Application for Full-Text Document Delivery (download) at the library or by email.
2. The librarians search the library resources for requested materials and verify the information in Application for Full-Text Document Delivery with patrons.
3. The service is finished since patrons pay for the charges (or free) based on charge standards and the librarians deliver requested materials to patrons.

Turn-around Time

1. 20 (or less) articles in Chinese or 10 (or less) articles in other languages can be supplied in 2 working days for free. If the items are more than this scope, we need one more working day for every 20 articles in Chinese or every 10 articles in other languages, which can also be supplied for free.
2. If clients make urgent requests, an urgent handling charge of ¥10 for every working day will be required. The required time is set through negotiation between the librarian and the client. Clients can come to the library to finish the work by themselves if agreements are failed to reach.
Contact InformationPhone: 0755-26032350 (from Sunday to Monday 09:00a.m. – 11:30a.m., 14:00p.m. – 17:00p.m)
      0755-26032364 (working hours form Monday to Friday)
Email:  QQ: 982516124
Notes1. Our library offers free resources for patrons with the spirit of “everything as a service, serve everyone”. Facing a shorthanded situation, we hope that patrons place controllable orders as early as possible, so as to avoid waste and facilitate a fair and reasonable use of resources.
2. Patrons should complete the form of Application for Document Delivery to facilitate the efficient processing of requests.
3. Patrons requesting more than one item at a time can make the request in one application form with which attached a list of correct bibliographic information (including author, title and source) of requested materials.
4. The service introduction does not cover patent, dissertation, thesis and standard due to the great scope of patents and the length of dissertations, theses and standards.

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday
7:30 – 22:00(Reading Area on the Second Floor)
8:40 – 22:00(All Service Available)

Chinese New Year Eve, First and Second Day of The Spring Festival : Closed
National Holidays:9:30-17:30

Contact Us

Address:Shenzhen Science & Technology
                Library,University Town of
                Shenzhen, Xili Town, Nanshan
                District, Shenzhen China, 518055 
Complaint Tel:0755-26032476 26032359

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