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Return24-Hour Voice Telephony Service

Manual Service call of University Town Library of Shenzhen remains unchanged as 0755-88866634 and 24-Hour Voice Telephony Service is a new kind of service which can cover renewal, checking, password modifying and loss report.

Note: as to readers who hold 13-bit off-campus Reader Cards issued by University Town Library of Shenzhen starting from Letter F, you need to replace Letter F by Number 9 when you use 24-Hour Voice Telephony Service, for example, if someone’s reader card is F440101234567, he needs to type in 9440101234567 for 24-Hour Voice Telephony Service.


Step 1: Dial 0755-82841200 & 82841203(Line 4)

Step 2: Type Reader Card Number and end with # after voice instructions.

Step 3: Type password and end with #;


Key 1: Renew all books borrowed. When the renewal is successfully made, the system will state the return date for each renewed book in sequence.

Key 2: Renew single book. Type in the barcode of the book and end with #. If the renewal is successfully made, the system will state the return date of each book.

Key 3: check the books for Loan. The system will state the titles of requested books and the return date in sequence.

Key 4: Modify the password. Type in new password and end with #. Type in the password again and end with #. The system states your password is successfully modified.

Key 5: Loss Report. Hang off if the machine states the loss report is successfully made.