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ReturnShenzhen “City of Library” Unification Service Guide (On-campus Card Readers)


Shenzhen government has launched the strategy of Build the city through culture and proposes the mission of building a “City of Library”, which means, to make Shenzhen a library network without boundaries, providing complete, convenient and quick library services for citizens and fulfill cultural rights held by citizens.

Shenzhen University Town library has joined Shenzhen “City of Library” Unification Service Platform. While updating its own functions, it has connected to service systems and resources of all public libraries throughout the whole city for serving the faculty and students within university town

You just need to bind your own campus card to a reader’s card for City of Library, then you can gain services like reading & borrowing materials, searching digital sources from any public library which joins unification service.

  1. Reader’s Card

1) Apply for Reader’s Card

◆ You activate use your own campus card to access all the services of Reader’s Card, which means, your campus card is also your reader’s card until you leave college and suspend all services,

◆ You own campus card is freely bound to a reader’s card for City of Library, which leads to access to related services (one account for services concerning two cards, but campus card is only applicable within University Town Library.).

◆ You can have your own campus card bound with a reader’s card for City of Library, which can be only used by yourself.

2) If you already have a reader’s card issued by some public library, you need to replace it by one for City of Library for binding service.

You can only access services of all public libraries throughout the whole city if you replace your reader’s card of some public library by one for City of Library.

Readers’ cards, which is 3-bit and issued by Shenzhen Library and Library of Longgang District, have been automatically changed to cards for City of Library. If your cards are issued by Library of Yantian District and Library of Luohu District, you can replace them at service counter of the library where you attained original ones.

Please pay attention to notice from libraries on replacing the old reader’s cards.

3) Services of reader’s card

u Reading: you can read periodicals, newspaper, books as well as E-recourses.

u Borrowing: With reader’s card, you can borrow materials from Shenzhen University Town library and all the other public libraries. With reader’s card under City of Library programme, you can borrow & return Chinese and foreign books from libraries except Shenzhen University Town library, via self-service machines for borrowing and returning ,24-hour returning machines as well as self-service machines within the library.

u Online services: you can enjoy services of “My Library” by visiting library website; you can browse E-newspaper & journals and borrow E-books; you can visit “Shenzhen Documentation Harbor” and databases of our library for e-sources; you can get reference and consultation online.

◆ Mobile Library: You can attain information and resources of all kinds from the library any time anywhere via cellphone as well as downloaded APP etc.

◆ Deposit: You can deposit certain amount of money in your readers’ card as you like for circumstances you need to pay for overdue fines, compensation for damages, etc.

4) Password of Reader’s card

a) Default password for reader ‘card is your birthdate (such as:

19870901). It remains unchanged if you replace it by new one.

b) You need to reset your password, which is 6-8 bit, as well as reset

“Questions to your password” when you first log on “My Library”.

c) You can log on “My Library” of the library website to reset the password, or reset it after clicking “Forgot Password” and correctly answering questions; or you can reset it at General Service Counter with valid certificates.

5) Loss and Re-applying

Any loss of campus card need to be reported to Campus Card Center and replaced by new ones.

Any loss of reader’s card for City of Library need to be reported via Voice telephony, SMS or website, or you can go to service counter of the libraries for loss report to avoid further personal benefit loss.

You can use your valid certificates to apply a new one. The processing fee f is RMB10.

6) Cancelling Reader’s Card and Suspending Borrowing Services.

Before you leave the university, you need to cancel the services concerning the library of your campus card at general service counter of the university town library. If you get your campus card joining services for City of Library, you can still keep and use it according to the amount of deposit.

You need to return all materials and fines before cancelling the library service of your campus cards. You need to submit diploma dissertation before graduation. You will have your deposit back with campus card.

If you let other person to deal with the cancellation, he & she needs to present their certificates as well as yours.

You can cancel reader’s cards for City of Library or borrowing services at service counter of all libraries.

You can re-access all services by re-applying via valid certificates


  1. Services and Rules

1) Search

You can log on Shenzhen University Town Library Website or “City of Library” website to search for books of all libraries.

2) Borrowing Quota

◆ Students: 20 items in total. You can borrow 20 Chinese books, 5 foreign Language books from University Town library as well as 10 pieces(volumes) of Chinese items (including Chinese books, Chinese periodicals, audiovisual materials and braille materials.) from the other libraries under City of Library programme.

◆ Faculty: 20 items in total. You can borrow 20 pieces of Chinese books and 10 foreign language books from university town library, 10 pieces of Chinese materials (including Chinese books, Chinese periodicals, audiovisual materials and braille materials.) as well as one foreign-language book from the other libraries.

◆ Foreign Faculty and Students: 20 items in total. You can borrow 5 Chinese books and 20 foreign-language books from University Town Library, 5 pieces of Chinese materials (including Chinese books, Chinese periodicals, audiovisual materials and braille materials.) from the other libraries under City of Library Programme.

◆ After cancelling the library services of the campus card, the reader’s card binding the services of readers’ card for City of Library will be changed automatically to one only applicable for reading. You can update your borrowing privilege after paying the deposit.


3) Borrowing & Return

u With campus card of which library service is available, you can only borrow & return material from university town library.

u With reader’s card under city of library programme, you can borrow &return materials at university town library, all the other public libraries as well as 24-hour self-service libraries throughout the whole city.


4) Loan Period

Chinese and foreign books can be loaned for 31 days and one renewal is allowed. The loan period is calculated from the very day when the renewal is successfully made. Periodicals and audiovisual materials can be loaned for 21 days and no renewal; braille materials can be loaned for 60 days and no renewals. Summer & winter vacation is not counted as loan period for campus card holders if borrowed books are not due before the coming of summer & winter vacation.

5) Renewal

Before the due date, you can renew your materials via voice telephony, SMS, website, cell phone as well as 24-hour self-service libraries throughout the whole city. Or you can submit your renewal at General Service Station of university town library or the other public libraries.

6) Reservation (3 items)

You can search for requested books by log on library website and make reservation application via reader’s card which allows for borrowing Chinese books; if you reserve books from reservation section of university town library and want to fetch books from general service counter of university town library, the delivery will be coming within one working day. If you apply to fetch books from service stations of university town library, the delivery will be made once a week (two days via logistics). The service station will notify you via SMS and you need to pick up requested books at designated location within 3 days after the notification by presenting reader’s cards.

7) CDs attached with books

u Attached CDs can only be available for readers who borrowed the very books or come to the library to search and read them.

u Remote Online Browsing. When off library, you can browse the content of the CDs attached to your requested books. You can visit library homepage, log on “My Library”, click “My Borrowed List”, you will see the icon at Borrowed List Search page, click the icon and Online Browse Note will be displayed at the top right corner at the coming window, you can browse the CDs by clicking the note.

u Reading inside the library. You can go to multi-media rooms to borrow and read the CDs. You cannot take them out of the room.

8) 24-hour Telephone service, SMS, Online Service and mobile platform

◆ 24-hour voice telephony: 0755-82841200828412018284120282841203

◆ SMS: You can visit library website, log on “My Library” to get your cell number bound and customize your services, such as reminders before the due date, event notification for library readers, etc. SMS (including customization) is totally free. You can send short messages to 106573400202for Chinese Mobile Service customersor 13924040171for Chinese Unicom and Local Call service customers. You just need to pay short message fee to mobile networking service providers. Please turn to library website for details.

u Online services

  University Town Library of Shenzhen (Shenzhen Science & Technology Library)   http://lib.utsz.edu.cn

  City of Library (Shenzhen) Website   http://www.szln.gov.cn 

  Shenzhen Library Website       http://www.szlib.org.cn

   Website of Library of Longgang District     http://www.szlglib.com.cn 

  Website of Library of Yantian District       http://www.szytlib.cn

  Website of Library of Luohu District    http://www.szlhlib.com.cn

  Website of Library of Nanshan District    http://www.nslib.cn

  Website of Library of Futian District     http://www.szftlib.com.cn

  Website of Library of Bao’an District     http://www.balib.com.cn

  You can log on websites above for details.


u Mobile Platform:  http://m.szdnet.org.cn 

◆  Manual Service Telephony of Shenzhen University Town Library: 0755-88866634


9) The overdue fee and payment

As to overdue materials, RMB0.3 per day per item is charged. The maximum overdue fine is ¥10 per item (the overdue fee for materials from university town library is charged per the standards of City of Library Unification Service when City of Library Service Platform is launched)

You can deposit money into reader’s card and the deposit will be automatically deducted via SMS, website, 24-hour self-service libraries throughout the city as well as self-borrowing & return machines.

You can swipe campus card newly launched in 2014 for payment at Campus Card Self-Payment Terminals at University Town Library.

You can also pay the cash at general service counter of university town library or service counter of all public libraries.

10) Compensation to stained, damaged and lost materials

The staff will decide the compensation account upon the extent of damage. Severe contamination & damage will be treated the same as loss.

    If you lose common materials, you need to compensate 3-10 times of the original price, if you lost one copy within the whole set, you need to compensate 5-10 times of the original price of the lost copy.

You can purchase identical edition for compensation and bear RMB10 processing fee for each copy.

The loss up to 5 copies will lead to borrowing suspension for 180 days.


  1. Locations and Hours for City of Library Unified Service.

The locations for Shenzhen “City of Library” Service covers all public libraries and all 24-hour self-service libraries.

Unification service is available at Shenzhen library, public libraries at some districts as well as all self-service libraries among the city. The remaining libraries will attain unification service gradually. The City of Library website will timely update the list of libraries which already accessed unification service as well as opening hours. Please pay attention.

Since the opening hours differs among all libraries, you can call first before heading to them.

Currently, there are up to 212 public libraries which gained unified service (self-service libraries are not included). You can click 全市已实现统一服务图书馆名录20131017.doc for details.

You can have details for the list of self-service libraries by clicking http://www.szlib.gov.cn/guide_selfhelp.jsp

Service number: Shenzhen University Town Library (Shenzhen Science & Technology Library) 88866634; Shenzhen Library: 82841211

Library of Longgang District: 89558918

Library of Yantian District: 25227003

Library of Luohu District: 25403654

Library of Nanshan District: 25403654

Library of Futian District: 25403654

Library of Bao’an District: 25403654

    24-hour self-service libraries throughout the city: 82841217