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ReturnCharging Rates for Basic Services

According to "Notice of further standardizing Charging management by colleges and universities within the province" (Guangdong Price [2007] No. 186), the library allows readers with campus card (Student Card) to pay the fee for copying and printing: ¥0.2 per black & white A3 paper, ¥0.1for black & white A4 paper.

The charging rates for each basic service are designed according to Reply by Bureau of Commodity Price of Shenzhen to Problems Concerning Charging Issues of Shenzhen library(Shen Price Reply [2001] No.14),which complies with relevant regulations by Bureau of Commodity Price of Shenzhen.

Charging Rates for University Town Library of Shenzhen

  1. Copy, printing:

Black& White: ¥0.4 per A3 paper single-sided; ¥0.2 per A4 paper single-sided;

(With Student Card: ¥0.2 per A3 paper single-sided; ¥0.1 per A4 paper single-sided)

Color: ¥3.0 per A3 paper single-sided; ¥1.5 per A4 paper single-sided;

 2. Replacing Reader’s Card: ¥10.00 per card

 3. Overdue fine: ¥0.3 per day, no more than ¥10 in total.

 4. Charging rates for Citations Reporting Service and novelty searching service are displayed at relevant pages of the library website.