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ReturnThe default password of library application service system (Unification Authentication)

 All the library application service system has got access to the unification authentication of University Town, such as Reservation System of Research Room, U Media, Dissertations System, Cloud Print, My Library, Library Internet authentication.


The default password of unification authentication follows the rules:

(The password remains unchanged for those have changed the password.)

(1) If you use ID card to open an account: the password includes eight numbers. Please count the ID number form the last fifth number to the last twelfth number, and the sequence of the password is from the front number to the back. In short, the password is date of birth. For example, ID number is 366312199806122367, and the default password is 19980612.

(2) If you don’t use ID card to open an account: the password is set up according to the rule (1).But if the document number is less than eight numbers, please use number 8 to replace. For example, document number is 233295436, and the default password is 88823329.