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ReturnInterlibrary Loan Service of Shenzhen Document Network (SZDNET)

Introduction to Interlibrary Loan Service

You can apply to borrow printed copies of documentation (mainly English documentation), which are not found in our library, from other libraries of Shenzhen Document Network (University Town Library of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Library, Library of Shenzhen University, Shenzhen Polytechnic Library, Library of Southern University of Science & Technology, and Library of the Chinese University of Hongkong Shenzhen). You can return them at general service counter at our library within designated period per regulations. (Your application must be in line with circulation rules of SZDNET. SZDNET has the right of refusing any offerings.)



Interlibrary loan service is automatically open for university town faculty and students. Patrons who hold reader’s cards from libraries which are members of Shenzhen “City of Libraries” , and have already accessed the service of borrowing Chinese & foreign books, can pay RMB200 as deposit to open such service at general service counter at Shenzhen library or Shenzhen University Town library.


Rules for interlibrary loan service:

Interlibrary loan is only for patrons who open such service.

Interlibrary loan is carried out according to SZDNET interlibrary loan agreement and regulations. Patrons can only access documentation which are available for interlibrary loan from member libraries after putting an application at SZDNET platform

Only one interlibrary loan application is processed every time. Patrons can submit another application when borrowed documentation is returned. Patrons can cancel the application when the status shown is “awaiting for accepting”. Accepted application cannot be cancelled. Patrons should pick up documentation at designated location within 3 days. It is seen as one noncompliance if patron fail to fetch them within required period or do not fetch them at all. Patrons who have 4 non-compliance during one year, will have their privilege of interlibrary loan suspended for half a year.

The loan period for interlibrary loan documentation is 15 days, starting from the very day when the document is loaned. Renewal is not allowed. RMB0.3 per day per item is charged for overdue materials. Overdue return is viewed as noncompliance. The maximum overdue fee per item is RMB 10.

Contamination & damage refers to staining, folding, cutting, tearing, marking etc. the staff will decide the compensation amount upon the extent of damage if contamination & damage is light. If the contamination & damage is severe, affecting the integrity and cannot be repaired, it will be treated the same as loss.

Patrons need to compensate 3-10 times of the original price for common documentation if they are lost. If patrons lose one or several volumes within the whole set, the compensation will be 5-10 times of the original price. Patrons can purchase a copy of identical edition and return to the library. Processing fee should be paid, which is RMB 10 per item. Patrons can go through the procedure at general service counter.

Patrons can process borrowing and return at service counter of our library. Self-service machines cannot process borrowing & return of interlibrary loan documentation.


Process for SZDNET interlibrary loan

  1. Log on SZDNET website directly or via homepage of our library website


Account, password= Account, password used to log on “My Library” at our library website

(The account is reader’s card number, and the password is 8-bit birthdate number)

 2. Type information like the title, author of the requested books into search box, click “search for foreign documentation”.

3.  “Location for Documentation” will be displayed at the page if you are searching for books, click it and then click “Apply for interlibrary loan”

 4. Click “Confirmed” in the window and finish application.

 5. Click “My Account” at top right corner, select “interlibrary loan” where Patrons can check or cancel their own application.