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ReturnLibrary Service Manifesto


Passed by the fourth council of the seventh conference


    The library opens the door to knowledge. They spread knowledge, inherit and pass civilization through systematical collecting, storing and organizing. Modern libraries hold the spirit, which is, opening to the whole society, and bears the mission to fulfill and guarantee basic reading rights of the citizens as well as narrow down the information gap among the society. The basic principle, which is, opening to the public and equally offering services, has been established step by step by non-stop efforts of Chinese library workers. Therefore, we earnestly promise:

  1. The library is a knowledge & information center, open to the public, offering non-profit service and reader-oriented.
  2. The library provides services equally for all readers. Libraries, especially public libraries, are obligated to guarantee basic reading rights held by citizens and defend the right of citizens to enjoy library service.
  3. The library takes building learning society as its own mission. The library, as a fenceless school, creates opportunities and conditions for citizens to learn throughout the whole life.
  4. The library faces the challenges brought by the new era via service and innovation. The library makes full use of modern information technology, especially digital library technology, to present excellent, highly-efficient and professional knowledge and information to the public.
  5. All libraries should together build and share documentation information resources. Coordination and cooperation should be enhanced among libraries of all kinds. Open access should be allowed to decrease the cost to gain information.
  6. Humanity should be displayed through the service. The library provides convenient and humanized service, dedicated to eliminate the difficulties of the public to use the library as well as guarantee the disadvantaged group to gain access to library services.
  7. The library staff sincerely work with all organizations and citizens who cares the librarianship. The library encourages all sectors of the society to promote the development of Chinese librarianship by investment, donation, media publicity and volunteer activities.