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ReturnInstructions on applying for Reader’s Card

  1. Opening time: Monday to Sunday: 9 am-12pm; 2pm-5pm; 6pm- 9:30pm.


  1. Location: General Service Counter on the second floor, Tel: 86-755-26032935.
  2. Distribution: Chinese citizens and foreigners above 16 years old(no cards available for readers under 16 and no special reading area set for kids)


  1. Types of Reader's Card: Readers can borrow books under different deposit from all public libraries in Shenzhen

1) 50 RMB Deposit: 2 Chinese items (including Chinese books, Chinese bound periodical, audio-visual materials, and braille literature).

2) 100 RMB Deposit: 5 Chinese items (appended RMB100 enables 5 more Chinese books from Shenzhen University Town Library)

3) 200 RMB Deposit: 1 foreign language book(appended RMB 200 enables 1 more foreign language book)

4) 300 RMB Deposit: 5 Chinese books + 1 foreign language book

5) 600 EMB Deposit: 5 Chinese books + 1 foreign language book + 5 Shenzhen University Town Library Chinese books + 1 Shenzhen University Town Library foreign language book) 


  1. Application Procedure:

1) Self-help Application: Patrons who have second generation ID cards can apply for one via self-help machine or library self-service machines.

2) Manual Application: bring your own valid certificates with you (ID card, passports, resident permits, military service card, and driving license. Etc.)—Fill in Application Form for Reader’s Card---reproduce your certificates—pay deposit upon types of cards—take pictures---get cards at service counter after 15 minutes

3) You need to replace your old reader’s cards by new ones at general service counter on 2nd floor of the library.

4) On-campus users can get library service open via campus cards at general service counter 2nd floor of the library and apply for a reader’s card for City of Library for free.

5) You need to open account at PINGAN BANK Campus Card Window, 1st floor of the library for your campus reader’s card, then you can get the library service of your cards started at general service counter, 2nd floor of the library.


  1. Loss Report, Replacement and Cancellation of Reader’s Card

1) Loss Report: The loss of a reader's card must be reported to the library immediately. You can report loss by calling 26032935 first and then process Loss Report procedure at library. The processing fee for a new card is RMB10. You need to take corresponding responsibilities if you fail to report loss timely or your card is lent to others.

2) Cancel reader’s card and suspend borrowing service: you need to return all borrowed materials as well as pay all overdue fines as well as other fees when cancelling reader’s card and suspending borrowing service, and reader’s card and your own valid certificate are needed for such processing. Deposit will be returned to you; if you let others process the procedure, he & she needs to present your reader’s card, his own ID card as well as yours.

3) Before leaving, university faculty & other employees and students should bring campus card and Demission Letter with them if they want to cancel reader’s cards. Graduates should submit academic dissertations according to the Instructions on sending in the Academic Thesis before processing the card cancellation procedure.


  1. Notice:

1) Reader's card should be used by the applicant himself and should not be lent to others. Card holders should be responsible to the reader's card and the materials borrowed;

2) The valid period for each reader's card is whole life. The card type can be changed based as you like at service counter.

3) It is free for you to apply for a reader's card for the first time. Reader's cards should be kept appropriately and the replacement of the card will be charged RMB10 if the worn-out occurred from inappropriate use.

4) Reader’ card issued by our library is also the reader’s card for City of Library. You can apply for only one via your ID card. The card can be used throughout the whole city.