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ReturnCirculation Rules

    1. The library is open to the public. No cards are needed for entrance. You may borrow collections via campus card, or any other readers' card from the library and any other Shenzhen public library.

2. Chinese books, foreign language book and bounded outdated periodicals are on open shelves for reading and borrowing. Current periodicals, newspapers and reference books are on open shelves only for reading. (Note, books not available for loan are labeled with colored signals.). You can apply for reserved books online. CDs which come together with books are not allowed to be taken out of the multi-media room.

3. You can only pick up books & journals no more than 3 pieces from the shelf. Please put them back to the trolley, not back to the shelf, if you do not borrow them.

4. The loan period for in-library books is 31 days and one renewal is allowed before the due date. The loan period for renewed books starts from the very day when the renewal is made, still 31 days. The loan period will be postponed to the first week after the summer & winter vacation for on-campus reader card holders; the loan period differs among the other public libraries and please pay attention to relevant regulations.

   5. You can request books via internet from Reservation Section. If you want the delivery sent to the general service counter, one day is needed(if you apply after 3:00 pm, the delivery will be made the next opening day ); if you want the delivery sent to the service stations, every Thursday will have one delivery; the reserved books are only kept for 2 days at the general service counter.

6. The library will no longer send overdue reminders via emails. You can apply for overdue reminders through customization if you have the cell phone bound (please refer to SMS Notification), which is, you need to send short message with content “DX#DQ” to 106573400202(for China Mobile Service Holders) or 13924040171(for China Unicom or China Telecom Service Holders), and general SMS tariff will be charged by mobile networking providers.

7. All In –library books can be returned to the other libraries within the city (the return cannot be processed at 24-hour self-service libraries). If the books have not gone through the return procedure, you cannot just put them back to the shelf as will, otherwise, you need to bear the compensation from overdue.

8. Non-compliance (services concerning reader’s card to be suspended before treatment if non-compliance is concerned.)

1) Overdue: fines are made for overdue materials: RMB0.30 per item per day, RMB10 at maximum per item.

2) Loss

a) Any loss to library materials should be reported to the library staff immediately by person or calls and cooperation should be made for further search. You may offer the library a copy of identical edition (or a copy of newer edition upon approval). You need to pay procession fee which is normally RMB10.00 for each item.

b) You need to compensate the books within one month, during which books cannot be borrowed. If you cannot offer the library a copy of identical edition (or a copy of newer edition upon approval), compensation can be made as below:

2.1) As to domestically published books, the compensation is 3 times of the actual price.

2.2) As to imported original foreign books, the compensation is five times of the actual price.

2.3) If you lose one or several volumes within the whole set, the compensation will be the original price of the whole set and you cannot request the remaining ones.

2.4) As to newspaper & periodicals as well as the bound volume, if you lose one and several issues, the compensation will be the price of all the issues of the whole year and you cannot request the left ones.

2.5) As to books & journals without listed price, the compensation will be decided with reference to the price of relevant ones recorded in library management system.

2.6) As to items like umbrella, cable, lamps, key card, the compensation is the actual price.

1) If the accumulated lost items reaches 5, you will be suspended from borrowing for 180 days.

2) Stains & Damage: if you fold, obliterate, contaminate the common books & journals or make marks, the compensation is ¥5-20 accordingly; if the books are severely contaminated or damaged, they will be dealt with as loss; if rare copies are concerned, the doers will be dealt with according to Law for the Preservation of Antiques.

3) Tearing & Cutting: if you cause severe damages to books & journals like tearing and cutting, you may offer the library a copy of identical edition. If an identical copy cannot be provided, the compensation will be the same as lost books. Readers with bad attitude under severe cases will be disqualified from all rights related to Reader Card for 6-12 months, or even have the Reader Card cancelled and deposit forfeited if they refuse to refund.

4) Stealing: it is seen as stealing if you take the books, journals or newspaper out of the library without approval. Readers who conduct stealing will be suspended from borrowing books for 1-6 months. The library will cancel their Reader Cards and put them into the blacklist if their behavior is taken as severe. The library has the right to retain the right to resort to legal claims.

9. As to books with accessories attached, you can apply for reading them or uploading image files at the multi-media rooms at 2nd Floor. If you lose or damage them, you can offer duplicated copies, otherwise, the compensation will be the same as loss.

10. All final explanation rights belong to the Shenzhen University Town Library (Shenzhen Science and Technology Library).