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ReturnElectronic reading and the Internet

(service number 26032376)

   In order to meet the readers'needs for Internet use, search, online reading , etc,120 computers are offered in the electronic reading area on the third floor, and 60 computers are provided in the multimedia room, and 70 computers used as search tools are distributed  in the reading area. Besides the net-connected computers, the library is covered by 1700 network nodes and Wifi coverage all the library.

    1. The visit to the website, OPAC, search, and the mirror database resources can be accessed by any computer in the library or by the wired nodes and wireless network.

   2. The extranet including the Internet, the data base with the right of use, etc, in the reading room on the third floor and in the multimedia room on the second floor, can be freely used by registering your reader card copied or printed.

   3. The collection to personal laptops, either via wireless network or cable, requires the account of the university network center.

   a)  Readers from the society can go to the service desk in the search area on the third floor(telephone number 26032376),and fill in the form of to open a free account for searching the Internet with 30 hours every months(which means you cannot access the Internet beyond that , but there is no time limit for the hongru card readers), and the period of validity is 3 months(which means the application must be renewed if it is overdue); and the monthly card is 70 yuan each month.

   b)  The users of the Internet account is limited to readers from the society ,and the readers of the university (including the new students who have not registered) need to go to the university network center to deal with the matters of the Internet account, and this service is not available in the library.

c)  During the process of application, please show your reader card and i.d.card, the staff will check your information in the ILAS, and you cannot open the account if your campus card is written off, or the contact information is incomplete, or should have be written off.

   d)  The account of personal computer is lib+ the eight numbers of your i.d.card. The initial pass word is decided by yourself.

   4. You can use the computer by yourself via reader card (or campus card) in the search area and the multimedia room, and every 3 hours, you need to swipe your card again, and after you escape, you can use the computer again by swiping the card. (the detailed method can be seen on )

   5. The reader have obligation to create a civilized and orderly environment for reading and supervise each other. 

   a)  Don't engage in online games, Internet chatting, etc, which is not relevant with study.

   b)  Don't download the soft word that is not relevant with study. No illegal operation.

   c)  Consciously safeguard the network security, don't borrow or steal others'account, and pay attention to the protection of personal account, pass word, information, etc, and don't use the unsafe Storage devices.

   d)  Please keep quiet and clean when you are in the multimedia room. Don't bring the drink or food in. Don't talk loudly in the room, and put on your headphones if needed, so as not to affect other people. Communication tools' should be turned to silence when you enter the room. You can get out of the room, if you want to answer the phone.

   e)  Please save your download information when escape, and take all your personal belongings with you. Please give back the books of the library to the front desk on the second floor.

   6. Please inform the staff, if malfunction or error appears in machine operation, and the readers cannot deal with that by your own, or move the machine external apparatus, or change the machine settings or unloading installed software or install software.

   7. Protect the intellectual property, and comply with the State Council promulgated the and the library .

   8. Consciously obey the library regulations, and keep quiet, neat and reading environment; take good care of public property.

   9. The staff and other readers have the right to persuade, stop, and criticize and educate the readers who break these rules. If the case is serious, the staff has the right to record this violator.