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ReturnEntrance Instruction

  1. Opening Hours


Reading Section at 2nd Floor: 7:30—22:00;

Service Counter and 3rd Floor: 8:40—22:00
National Statutory Holidays & Winter Vacation: 9:30—17:30
Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve, the first and second day of Spring Festival: Closed.

   2. Entrance Rules:

The library is an importance window to inherit and pass science and culture as well as to spread spirits and civilization, fully displaying the spirits of the city. Therefore, you may obey public moralities and regulations, which serves to make a civilized, quite, clear and warm learning place.

1) Keep quite inside the library. Please set your cells or computer to Silence. Do not shout, read or dial/answer the cells loudly.

2) The library is a key fire prevention unit. Smoking, fire using is forbidden here. Flammable and dangerous goods are forbidden to be taken inside.

3) Do not plug your appliances to sockets inside the library except laptops and cellphone chargers.

4) Our service object for adults, not children's services, declined to children under the age of 14 in the library.

5) Free water is provided within reading section and please take the amount just what you need. Eating is not allowed insidey.

6) You are subject to reading order. Do not occupy the seat with your belongings. No not occupy the locker by putting your belongings inside overnight. Do not move desks, chairs and sofas as your own will.

7) You may behave in a proper manner. You should be properly dressed and seated. Do not sleep inside the library.

8) Please take good care of books, journals as well as public properties. Compensation must be made per regulations. Please keep the library a clean place. Pasting, drawing and littering is not allowed.

9) Do not carry out activities like playing and trading which are not related to reading and learning. Pets are not allowed inside.

10) Please well keep your personal belongings. The goods which are reported as loss or used for occupying the seats are only claimed during certain period.

11) Do not set up, hand out unpermitted advertisements and other propaganda materials.

12) Photo & Video taking (flashlight is not allowed) is forbidden unless approved by general service counter at the library.

13) You need to obey regulations of the library. Cooperation with the library staff is necessary. If you violate the regulations above, you are subject to criticism and restraint from the others.

14) This rule will go into effect on the day of its promulgation. University Town Library of Shenzhen (Shenzhen Science & Technology Library) has its final explanation.