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ReturnSeat Management Rules

     It is forbidden to occupy the seats inside the library, in order to offer all readers a civilized and orderly learning place, well maintain reading order as well as ensure all seats within reading area are efficiently and equally used. Rules are made to manage the seats in a fair and operable manner.

  1. You are not allowed to occupy the seats using belongings via any means for yourself and others at reading area. You are taken as giving up the seats if you get away from it for 30 minutes. Goods left on the seat are seen as “Goods for occupation”, and such seats can be taken by others
  2. You need to take you valuable belongings with you if you leave the seat. Please take all your belongings with you if you leave your seat for a long time, otherwise, you may bear all corresponding consequences.
  3. The library staff will patrol around from time to time. Goods (food and drinks will be dealt with as rubbish) to occupy the seats will be directly delivered to general service counter for the convenience of other readers.
  4. In-library collection which has not been used is taken as not loaned. The staff should put them on the shelf. You should not leave borrowed books at the library. Compensation should also be made for in-library books which are lost and found inside the library.
  5. You amy find the seat by yourself. If there is no seat available, you can take photos as evidence to temporarily occupy the seats which are unseated but with goods.
  6. You need to return the seat to the person who has taken it before you and come back within 30 minutes, after 30 minutes, you can have the seat.
  7. You need to take photos as evidence if you are not the first person to take the seat. Do not move the belongings of the person as much as possible who comes before you. You can deliver the goods to general service counter, or submit them to the patrolling staff for registration and treatment.
  8. Goods for seat-taking which are cleared and held by the library will be dealt with according to Regulation for Lost and Found. You need to fill in Claim Form at General Service Window at 2nd Floor of the library and pick them up from Real Estate Window at General Service Counter(you can fetch your claimed item during 1130-1400;17:30-19:00 of opening day).You may double check the goods and have yourself and the claimed goods photographed for records. If the goods are not claimed after one month, the library are eligible to deal with them. If you use your belongings to take the seat for more than 3 times, you need to hand in a 500-character Letter of Assurance (or transcribe the regulation one time) when you claim them.
  9. This rule will come into effect on the day of its promulgation. University Town Library of Shenzhen (Shenzhen Science & Technology Library) has its final explanation.


                                                           Reader Service Department of University Town Library of Shenzhen

                                                                                                         23rd Oct. 2017