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ReturnNetwork Security Rules


The library network is quite an important part to provide documentation and information. In order to ensure the network is smoothly and safely running, all library network users and library staff should abide by the following rules.

1. The library network as well as soft & hard resources are only used for services related to educating, teaching as well as concerning the library. All the data, email or news which are transmitted through the network system shall fall into the range mentioned above. You cannot violent the rules & regulations made by the state on computers and international networking.

2. The library network is only available for readers as well as teachers, science researchers and management staff within the library system. Log-on must be registered. You cannot lend your reader’s card to the others.

    3. You need to follow rules to access the internet. You can get online free with Reader’s Card (or campus card) at retrieval section and research rooms. As to other areas, you have to get your account identified by “University Town Networking Center” first before access to outer network. It is forbidden to conduct any behaviors damaging network operation. Unauthorized scanning, IP address & account stealing is forbidden. It is not allowed to move, dislocate or unplug networking appliances (such as cables, AP and switches.)

4. It is forbidden to install and use hacking software within the library network. Once discovered, you will be dealt with according to relevant regulations or even sent to judiciary authorities, and you need to take the responsibilities and make compensation for the damage you have caused.

5. You need to abide by national laws as well as administrative laws and regulations. Regulations to guard the secrets are strictly enforced. It is forbidden to commit any crimes endangering national security as well as state secret disclosure. It is forbidden to design, check, copy and spread information which undermines public security or contains erotic content.

6. Testing which cost a large amount of resources and makes no scientific sense, broadcasting & Chain-mode communication, gambling, Bt downloading which occupies lots of bandwidth is not allowed.

7. The management staff should properly carry out their job, timely solve all breakdowns, and report system networking problems to system department what they cannot solve as well as they are not authorized to solve. Actions: a. observe the breakdown and decide the type; b. understand and analyze the reason; c. record the breakdown; d. troubleshooting; e. report system networking problems to system department what they cannot solve as well as are not authorized to solve; f. protect the scene and report to superiors and bureau of public security (if you commit networking crimes and the case is severe).

8. If you violate any regulation above, given the extent of the severity as well as influence and cost you behavior have caused, you will be suspended from using Reader’s card for 1-6 months, or even be reported to relevant department for legal responsibilities.