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ReturnThe use of electronic resources and the protection of intellectual property

    In the library or within the campus network IP, the reader can freely search, read, download, and print the bibliography; abstract and full text information which is obtained the right to use in data base. But viciously batch download is forbidden. If such case happened, the relevant clients will bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

   In order to protect the electronic intellectual property, and safeguard the lawful rights and interests of the legitimate users, the library requires the users of each unit and individual users pay attention to and obey the relevant regulations of the protection of electronic intellectual property:

   1. Don’t use network download tool to batch download the electronic resources bought by the library;

   2. Don’t continually, intensively, or bulkily download, browse, or search the full text data base(the definition of ‘abuse’ to each data base businessman is different, but, generally, the excessive speed of normally reading or browsing is regarded as abuse);

   3.  Don’t provide documents to people who don’t belong to the university, or give your personal account to others, or even exploit the materials for Illegal profit;

   4.  No one is allowed to set the proxy server electronic resources;

   5.  If the illegal behavior is found, the library will help the relevant departments to investigate. If the situation is serious, the library will apply for the disciplinary sanction in the relevant department. All the consequences caused by such behavior should be taken by the offenders.