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ReturnReservation procedure

Note: if you want to pick up reserved books from self-service machines at the library, you need to replace your current cards by the ones with 13-bit numbers. Campus Cards and the old 9-bit reader’s card cannot be identified by sell-service machines.

  1. Retrieval: you can retrieve in-library books and the books from libraries under City of Library programme.

1) You can go to the home page of the library to retrieve in-library books.


2)Click “Retrieve Throughout the Town”, you can retrieve all books under City of Library programme. You can narrow down the range by only retrieving “Books for Reservation.”


2、Click “Check the Reference Number (Circle marked with Number 1)”, and you will know the collection of each library of the city.


Note: Click “ University Town Library”(circle marked with Number 2), you will know whether you requested books are available for reservation or not; you can only fetch reserved books from service stations and general service counter within the library if the books are from Reserve Section of University Town(circle marked with Number 3).

3、Click “Details” for reservation register.


4、Login “My Library”(using 13-bit Reader’s Card number. Or 12-bit Campus Card number.)


5、Choose pickup location and notification method.


 Note: Correct Mobile phone numbers are requested for SMS notification; you can only request reserved books from University Town Library via service counters of University Town Library and Service Stations,

6、Finish “Reservation” register and wait for pick-up notification.

Note: as to reserved books designated to pick up from comprehensive service counter of university town library, you may have them within one working day (if the reservation is made before 3:00 pm, you can have the books the same day, and otherwise, and you will have the books the next morning. Delivery is not available during weekends and holidays.); as to reserved books which you apply to pick up from each service stations of university town library, the delivery take places once a week (the application is due before 9:00 am. on each Monday.)  You may collect the books from designated locations within 3 days upon pick-up notification via your own Reader Card. The requested books will not be kept after the appointed period.

 7、Renewal and Returning

You can renew the reserved books from Shenzhen University Town Library once. The renewal period is calculated from the day when the renewal is successfully made, 31 days in total. You can return the books at any service counter of any library within Shenzhen “Library Town”.