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ReturnRules for Library Locker Usage (Trial)


  1. You can temporarily put your bags and other goods into the library locker when you are searching and reading materials inside the library. The locker is free. If it is the first time you use the locker, you need to read the usage guide carefully and get the finger print of your thumb collected.
  2. The locker is public facility for rotational use. The goods are not allowed to be kept inside for the night. You need to get your belongings out of the locker before closing time of the library.
  3. You need to take good care of the locker. Do not put living things, goods with odor, goods with leaking oil or leaking water as well as inflammable and explosive articles inside.
  4. Do not put valuable things (computers, mobile phones, keys etc.)Inside the locker for the sake of security. You will take the responsibilities for the loss or damage.
  5. The library will clear the items left overnight inside the locker 8:00 am every morning. Any loss or damage made to such items should be bored by yourself. If you occupy the locker for more than 3 times, you need to hand in an Assurance Letter by hand with more than 500 characters when claiming them (or transcribe this method by hand once).
  6. Items used to occupy the locker will be dealt with according to Lost and Found Management Methods (Trial). You need to fill in “Application for Claiming Lost & Found Items “at general service counter, 2nd floor of the library and fetch them at Real Estate window of the counter after presenting valid certificates like ID cards or reader’s card ( you can claim lost items during 1130-1400 and17:30-19:00 ). The owner should be cooperative with the library staff when asked to be taken pictures with lost item for records.
  7. If your finger print cannot get the locker open, or you forget the location you put your belongings, or there is breakdown during deposit, you are not allowed to force the locker open. You can fill in Application for opening the locker at general service counter, 2nd floor of the library, waiting for the staff to examine your certificate before further action. You need to be cooperative when the staff verifies the information about the goods and asks you to be taken pictures with your things.
  8. You should compensate for repairing & maintaining fee if you cause damage to the locker.
  9. Any loss or stealing should be reported to Duty room 0755-26032948)or the police office of university town and the library will be fully cooperative.

  10. The rule above has come into effect since it is enacted and the library has the interpretation right.


                                                                                                University Town Library of Shenzhen