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ReturnLost and Found Management Methods (Trial)

  1. In order to enhance the management for lost & found items, protect the interests of reader and put the service mission of “All for the people, for all the people” into practice, the method is laid down based on real circumstances.
  2. The lost and found items mentioned in this method refers to goods left or lost inside the library and picked by the library staff and other readers. Items used for occupying the seats as well as left overnight inside the locker ,which are collected by the library staff ,are treated the same as lost items. Items which are easily perishable are treated the same as rubbish. Any books from the library will be directly put back on shelf, not seen as lost items
  3. The real estate window at comprehensive service counter on 2nd floor of the library deals with lost & left items as well as Lost and Found for now. They also deal with tasks like registration, storage, making announcement and submitting to the superior concerning lost & found goods.
  4. The person who picks up left & lost items should immediately hand them to the real estate window at general service counter at 2nd floor of the library. The staff on duty shall carefully check the items with the pick-up person and write down information like the name of the item, appearance, the time and the location when it is picked. Photos will be taken.
  5. After registering and storing lost items, if there is any information concerning the person who lost them, the staff on duty shall call the owner. If there is no such information or the owner cannot be reached, the library can post information on “Lost and Found “column inside “Readers’ Service “on library homepage (no notice for goods used for occupying seats and the locker).
  6. The owners can check and claim lost items per the following steps:

1) You can directly click Lost and Found column of website homepage or go to Real Estate window at general service counter of the library for information. If the lost items are found and identified, you can claim them. When fetching the item, you need to fill in “Application for Claiming Lost Items “at Real Estate window at general service counter, while presenting valid certificates like ID cards or reader ‘card ( you can claim lost items during 1130-1400 and17:30-19:00 ). The owner should be cooperative with the library staff when asked to be taken pictures with lost item for records.

2) If the lost items are not found after search, the owner shall look for them by other means. If you have your items stolen, please timely report it to general duty room (0755-26032948) or call the police office of university town. The library will be fully cooperative.

3) If you entrust the others to claim lost items, he or she needs to present power of attorney, your ID certificate as well as the entrustee’s.

 7. For lost items which are not claimed for 30 days including the very day when the items are picked up, the library has right to deal with them.

 8. The person who claim the items which do not belong to them shall take responsibilities except from returning original item or compensating for economic loss.

 9. If you occupy seats at reading area or the locker for more than 3 times, you need to hand in an Assurance Letter by hand with more than 500 characters when claiming them (or transcribe this method by hand once).

 10.Without approval, you are not allowed inside working zone of general service counter or storage room for lost items, otherwise, you will be treated by police as unauthorized entrance and stealing.

 11. Shenzhen University Town library owns the right of final interpretation for this method.

 12. This method has come into effect since the day it is published.


                                                      Reader’s Service Department of University Town Library of Shenzhen