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ReturnDissertation Submission

   After passing oral defense, graduate & doctoral students from each graduate schools should submit their thesis & dissertation, one printed copy and one electronic copy, to Shenzhen university town library according to Management Methods on Storing and Using Dissertation by Shenzhen University Town Library.

Submission Methods

1. Electronic Copy Submission and Dissertation Reply Printing

Log-on with campus card number and unification password-enter “Shenzhen University Town Dissertation Management System深圳大学城论文管理系统”-supplement personal information- click “dissertation submission”- fill in bibliographical reference and abstract- submit the electronic copy of the dissertation.

 Waiting for approval from librarian- click “Receipt” at menu bar of dissertation system after approval.

    You can enter “Dissertation Inquiry” for the status. you can go through the following procedure if the status is “approved” and you need to make modification according to given reasons if the status is “Not Approved”.


  1.1 Fill in information of required columns (like bibliographical reference and abstract ) of Dissertation Submission Form correctly and completely.

  1.1.1You need to fully fill in the required columns marked with *, otherwise, the submission will fail.

  1.1.2 Department Selection

      Since 2012,If you cannot find your department/college in the list, please call 26032361 have it added to the list.If you cannot find your major, select “others”, and add it to the list by yourself, or call 26032361 for appending.

  1.1.3 Please carefully fill in “ Secret Category” and refer to Management Methods by Shenzhen University Town Library on Secret-Concerning Dissertation in “Relevant Documents”.《深圳大学城图书馆保密学位论文的管理办法》

       1.1.4 Messy codes are not allowed in 

  1.1.5 Pay attention to the note of submission accepted.

  1.2 If “My Status” is still “No submission “after submission, you need to check the whether the reason (marked by red characters)is listed at the left side of the screen, revise it according to the requirements before re-submission.

 2Submission of printed dissertation
  You can hand in printed dissertation to general service counter of Shenzhen university town library at 2nd floor, or you can give it to the library when you get your Dissertation Receipt for stamp by the library, or the Fostering Department of each school may submit all the printed ones to the library after collecting them.


Format of Electronic Dissertation

        1Document Format: PDF
       2Document Title: campus card number(use student number as the title if you do not have campus card)
  3Full content

  The content includes: cover, Chinese abstract, English abstract, content, body, literature and necessary appendix.The page number in the content must match the chapters and attached materials in the following body. The page number of the body should start with number 1. Roman letters (I, II…) are used