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ReturnThe measures for the management of dissertation

    Dissertation is the student to obtain degree to the school or other academic research papers, academic unit ,it contains a large number of creative thinking and novelty, reflect the teaching of the schools, scientific research institutions, scientific research level, more directly reflect the interdisciplinary frontier in the field of dynamics and the latest progress, teaching and research activities of the subsequent high reference value. ,therefore, Dissertation is institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes is very important in library literature resources construction of literature resources, the dissertation presented both as a system is implemented in all units of graduate student training, i.e., after through the dissertation of graduate students and all needs to submit the dissertation to cultivate unit library.

    Because there are more convenient than the print more dissertation electronic quickest way to preserve and use, Shenzhen University Town management committee office decided to set up and implement of Shenzhen University Town graduate school of the PhD, master's degree thesis presentation system of the electronic and printed at the same time. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of the copyright owner and the dissertation within a certain range and reasonable use, better service for teaching and scientific research, as the office of Shenzhen University Town management committee of Shenzhen University Town Library takes care of the thesis and provides the service, the main department according to the "implementing regulations of the People's Republic of China copyright law" and the ministry of education in the institutions of higher learning the regulations on the protection of intellectual property rights, the dissertation is established to save and use management method is as follows:

    1.Printing of this dissertation (no categories)

    1). The printing for this dissertation dissertations in the library reading area, does not provide loan but with the library service.

    2). Readers read before any a dissertation must register refer to the paper title, if readers some copy request, should register the copy of the page, the library is responsible for the registration files.

    3). To provide other library users to interlibrary cooperation relationship with document delivery service and exchange, and exchange data. "Other library users to interlibrary cooperation relationship with" refers to the agreement have formal interlibrary cooperation with Shenzhen University Town of users of university library, public libraries and other libraries.

    4). As China's higher education literature guarantee system (CALIS) dissertation member unit of the construction of the library, within the scope of CALIS member library thesis provides services in accordance with the relevant regulations.

    2.The digital dissertation (no categories)

    1). Offer service of retrieving and reading for school. "Campus user" refers to Shenzhen University Town campus students, faculty and staff;

    2). Through the necessary technical measures to implement the user control, prevent malicious download;

    3). Release the browse page of protecting the legal rights and interests of the authors of the paper statement.

    3.Confidential degree paper

    1). The dissertation strictly confidential according to the relevant regulations of the state and the Shenzhen University Town Library of confidentiality dissertation management method ".

    2). Confidential printed copy of the dissertation will be another place in the library, during the term of confidentiality does not provide reader service.

    3). The thesis papers will be stored after decryption reading area to provide services, management and service mode of the same.

    4). The electronic paper in its secrecy period does not provide any services, decrypted with two service ways.

    In the present measures by the graduate school of Shenzhen University Town management committee office and the schools after joint meeting to discuss by practice. If it is necessary to modify, modify the content need to be approved by the joint meeting to discuss.


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