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ReturnConfidentiality management method of dissertation

    Shenzhen University Town graduate dissertation is a graduate school, the use of all kinds of teaching, scientific research resources of Shenzhen University Town through the author's research result of the creative labor, which are part of the dissertation contents belong to the state secrets. Shenzhen University Town Library according to the relevant security regulations of dissertation management measures, formulate corresponding confidentiality of Shenzhen University Town schools graduate dissertation unified collection strictly keep confidential.

   According to the National Security Bureau issued the "People's Republic of China on Guarding State Secrets Law" in the second chapter, "The scope and dense state secrets", the state secrets shall be divided into "top secret", "confidential", "secret" three. "Top secret" is the most important state secrets, leaked national security and interests would suffer particularly serious harm; "confidential" is an important state secrets, disclosure of national security and interests would suffer serious harm; "secret" is ordinary state secrets, leaking national security and interests would suffer damage.

    According to the State Secrecy Bureau issued a "state secret term of confidentiality requirements," state secrets confidential period, unless there are special requirements, most confidential matters no more than three decades, the confidential level matters not exceeding twenty years, no more than the secret-level considerations years. Confidentiality period in 2011 and more than one year, in years; confidentiality period less than one year, in months. State secrets, confidentiality period, since the issuance date of manufacture indicated; does not indicate the date issued by state secrets, confidentiality period from notification dense and the date.

    Based on the importance of confidential papers, Shenzhen University Town Library will keep it secret for strict management dissertation take the following measures:

    (1) Confidential papers classified by Shenzhen University Town schools related departments with the term of confidentiality according to relevant regulations to determine, and issue the notice to determine the periods for guarding them or; By Shenzhen University Town a secret committee of paper review the periods for guarding them or, in the journal to determine the periods for guarding them or inform seal and confidential the top right-hand corner of the printed copy of the dissertation classified chop;

    (2) Shenzhen University Town Library to "determine the periods for guarding them or inform" as the basis to determine the confidential papers, and after receiving the notice in a timely manner to the secret papers special processing;

    (3) A printed copy of the confidentiality dissertation library to another location, save in combination with iron ark, strictly abide by the state secrecy laws and regulations and the relevant regulations of the Shenzhen University Town a secret commission, during the term of confidentiality does not provide reader service;

    (4) The secret in the online edition of dissertation its secrecy period does not provide network services;

    (5) The confidential dissertations both to decrypt the expiry of the time limit and A printed copy confidential papers after decryption