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ReturnThe management system of computer use

    1. The computers of the library are freely provided for all the readers with the service of audiovisual materials, electronic reading, Internet information, and database retrieval of teaching, scientific research, etc.

    2. Must strictly obey the promulgated by the ministry of public security of the People’s Republic of China issued by the, and the < The measures for the administration of Internet information > made by the People’s Republic of China Ministry of information industry development. Do not browse, release illegal content on the Internet; protect the intellectual property, and obey the promulgated by the State Council, and the library . People who violent these regulations will be punished according to the relevant laws, and be put to blacklist of the library.

    3. The reader should present reader cards and register at the service desk before use the computers, and the machine numbers specified by the staff. Regularly, 4 hours later, the readers must escape (the operation methods are on the computer desktop), and the computer will automatically shutdown, if there is no operation within 25minutes. If the reader don’t escape according the request, the reader will be responsible for the consequences.

    4. The reader are obligated to create a civilized and orderly environment for reading and monitor each other:

    a、Don’t play any game or visit any website that contain violence, sex, etc;

    b、Strictly prohibit plug or pull any cable in the computer room, don’t use main socket illegally;

    c、Consciously safeguard the network security, don’t borrow or steal others’account, and pay attention to the protection of personal account, pass word, information, etc, and don’t use the unsafe Storage devices;

    d、Please keep the computer room quiet and clean. Don’t talk loudly in the room, and control the volume of your headphones, and turn your cell phone to silence, and when you answer the phone, please get out of the room;

    h、Please take care of your belongings when you are using the computer, and take all the items with you when you leave. Please give back all the books, magazines, and newspapers you have borrowed.

    5.  After escape, all the data will be lost, so save the data before escape.

    6.  Please inform the staff, if malfunction or error appears in machine operation, and the readers cannot deal with that by your own, or move the machine external apparatus, or change the machine settings or unloading installed software or install software.

    7.  Consciously obey the library regulations, and keep quiet, neat and reading environment; take good care of public property.

    8. The staff and other readers have the right to persuade, stop, and criticize and educate the readers who break these rules. If the case is serious, or the violator remains untamed ,the staff has the right to put this violator into blacklist.