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ReturnReading area rules

    1.Keep quiet, no shout and play is allowed ,please adjust your phones to the mode of vibration and answer your phones in the hallway.

    2.Keep tide and clean, no food and beverage is allowed in the reading area and have your food in the café.

    3.Admire others’ benefits and please take care of your kids.

    4.Pay attention to fire prevention, no smoking and fire using is allowed, no electric machines are allowed except laptops lights and telephones.

    5.No seat-occupation is allowed and all staff have the right to clear up those items which are used to occupy a seat.

    6.Take good care of public facilities. To damage, post or move public facilities such as computers and desks and tables are not allowed.

    7.Elegant manners are advocated here. No taking naps, taking off shoes or littering are allowed here.

    8.Show respect to all the work done by the staff and please pick and read book 1-5 according to the rules and give them back to the original places or on the book car.

    9.Take good care of books, no smearing, tearing , possession without permission are allowed.

    10.Please cooperate with all the staff and abide by the regulations consciously. Any person has the right to stop and criticize when regulation violation happens. If it is serious, all the staff have the right to lead him out of the library.

    The regulations carry out since announcement and Shenzhen University Town Library reserved the right of final explanation. If there is any different ideas to the action of any staff, please stay calm and rational and call service number :26032936.