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ReturnHints on the use of book-returned case

    1. When to pick up the books: 9:00am, from Monday to Friday, except holidays, summer and winter vacations or a closing day.

   2. The book-returned date subjects to when staff pick up books, if any overdue payment takes place, it will be deducted directly from the advance payment or it will be included in the balance personal records.

   3. Books must be returned to the front desk on the following conditions, please do not drop your books in the book-returned case, otherwise all the consequences, the library is not responsible for all the responsibilities.

   3.1 Books are attached with CD or other accessories.

   3.2 Books are scratched or dirty.

   3.3 Books are available in other libraries.

   3.4 All other items except books of our library.

   4. Please visit the website "my library" and query borrowing records to confirm book formalities.

   5. The actual number of books subjects to the books in the book-returned case on that day.

   6.  The number of books that you can borrow is subject to the computer records before books are recorded here.

   7.  If there is any doubt, please consult the service desk, or call 0755-26032935.