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ReturnBasic Service Charges

    According to "further standardize the management of the province's colleges and universities charge notice" (Guangdong Price [2007] No. 186) the relevant provisions of our library with your own Campus Card (student card) credit card payment copying, printing charges: A3 paper 0.2 yuan, A4 paper 0.1 yuan.

    Our library copying, printing and other basic charges refers to "Shenzhen Municipality on issues related charges Shenzhen Library reply" (deep price letter [2001] No. 14) developed in line with the relevant provisions of the Shenzhen Municipality.

    Shenzhen University City Library Basic charges (2012)

    1. Copy, print: A3 paper, single-sided 0.4 yuan, A4 paper, single-sided 0.2 yuan ( student card: A3 paper, single-sided 0.2 yuan, A4 paper, single-sided 0.1 yuan)

    2. Fax (urban): 0.5 yuan / paper(A4)

    3.Verify Fee: 10yuan , late penalty: 0.2 yuan / day, a total of ≤ 20 yuan