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ReturnEntrance Instructions for Kids

  1. University Town Library enjoys dual functions as academic library and public library, mainly for adults to learn and research. There are no collections, no protection facilities and no reading area specially made for kids. We make the rule to maintain good order as well as protect the safety of the kids when they enter the library.
  2. Babies under 2 as well as prams are forbidden to enter the library; kids with height less than 1.4m (or under 10) should be fully accompanied by guardians.
  3. Guardians should get Kid Card from the Security at the entrance of the library and leave the signature and contact at the other side of the card. Each kid need to wear Kid Card before entrance.
  4. Guardians should properly supervise the behaviors of the kids, abide by the regulations and rules, and protect their physical and mental health as well as the safety.
  5. Guardians should keep good eye on the kid. If the kids shout, run, jump inside, guardians should take the kids outside the library.
  6. The library should be kept clean, kids are not allowed to spit, litter or defecate inside. If any behavior mentioned take place, guardians need to do the cleaning and take the kids out of the library.
  7. All computer terminals inside the library do not install software to monitor the behaviors. Kids accompanied by guardians are allowed to use the computers and games are not allowed.
  8. Guardians should pay attention to the safety of the kids. Do not let the kids alone go upstairs and downstairs. Do not let the kids alone use the Drinking Machine to avoid scalding. Do not let the kids touch the power supplies or electric appliances to avoid shock.
  9. Before departure, guardians should return Kid Card to the security staff at the exit.
  10. University Town Library of Shenzhen reserve all the right for the final explanation of the rule.


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