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ReturnCirculation Rules

1. The library is open free of charge. No cards are needed for entering and readers may borrow collections by library card or any other readers' card from any other Shenzhen public library.

2. Chinese books, foreign language book and bounded past periodicals are on open shelves for reading and borrowing. Books swapping are kept in closed access. Current periodicals, newspapers and books of reference are on open shelves only for reading.(Note, books may not be borrowed are labeled with colored signals.)

3. Readers may fetch no more than three books or periodicals per time. Don't replace books on the shelves by yourself. Please put books not to borrow back into the closet in the reading area.

4.The loan period is within 31 days, which could be renewed 31 days after being borrowed. Campus readers may return books within one week after the holiday if the loan period is in summer or winter holidays. The borrowing period of some part of literatures in other public libraries, please pay attention to the relevant provisions.

5. Readers may reserve the books already been borrowed in the library or online. Chosen our library's information desk as the taken book site. We will delivered within 1 day.(applied after 3 PM will delivered in the second opening day) If you chose our library's service station as taken book site, we will send books every Thursday. The books reserved may be kept for no more than 2 days .

6. The library will not send out the recalling notice online or by E-mail. You can bind phone number. After that you can apply for reminder service.Send message to “DX#DQ” to 106573400202 (China Mobile users) or 13924040171(China Unicom and China Telecom users). Only pay ordinary SMS charges to mobile network operators.

7. Our library books can be returned at all the Shenzhen public libraries or district  libraries'information desk (can not use the self-circulation machine). In order to avoid the overdue, please don't put uncompleted formalities books on the selves.

8. Liability of violation (all the card service privileges may be suspended before the losses been processed and covered.)

1). Overdue: borrowers who keep books/items beyond the loan period are subject to a fine of RMB0.20 per item per day up to a maximum of RMB10.00 per book.


Borrowers who lose the books should immediately report to the library on site or by phone and try at full steam to find the lost property. The borrowers may cover the loss with a new book of the same edition (or a new edition replacement after agreement) in addition to the processing cost of RMB10 per volume.

Replacement and additional charge should be paid within one month, during which the borrowing privilege will be suspended. If the same edition replacement (or a new edition book after agreement) could not be made in time, payment of fines should be made according to the standards below:

l  Domestic books should be compensated 3 times of the actual price;

l  Original foreign language books imported should be compensated 5 times of the actual price;

l  Whole set books with one or more volumes lost should be compensated with the price for the whole set and the remainder of the books should not be demanded after payment;

l  Periodicals and bounded journals with one or more issues lost should be compensated with the entire price for the year and the remainder of the periodicals should not be demanded.

l  Material with no price marked should be compensated referencing to the price of relating material within the library system.

l  Other items such as umbrellas, internet lines, desk lamps, card keys should be compensated with the actual price.


3).Stains: Users who mark, erasure or stain the ordinary materials will be subject to a fine from RMB5 to RMB20 according to seriousness of his violation. Books damaged or marked for the readers hard to read should be compensated with the actual price; Users mark, erasure or stain on the rare book should be assumed according to the regulations on preservation of cultural relics.

4). Users who cut or damage the material badly should repair replace the original book or pay the fines according to 2(2). Users who made serious damage and with bad attitude will be suspended with his readers' card borrowing privilege from 6 months to 12 months. Users who refuse to pay the fines will be cancelled with the readers'card and confiscated with the deposit.

5).Steal: Users who take library materials outside without permission will be regarded as stealer and suspended with the borrowing privilege for one to six months. The readers'card will be cancelled if the violation is too bad and the user will be on the black list of the library. And the library will reserve the right to pursue by law.

9. Please go to General Information Desk to check in/out DVDs originally with library books. Missing or damaged DVDs could be replaced by duplicated copies. If the identical duplicates couldn't be replaced, fees will be charged according to the rules for books or periodicals.

10. All final explanation rights belong to the Shenzhen University Town Library(Shenzhen Science and Technology Library).