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ReturnSelf-service Online Instructions

Self-service online steps

Swiping card on the card reader → Choosing an available computer,and importing“ID card number” and “Password” → After using computer, turning off the computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the ID number?

   ID number = reader card number(or campus card number)(Use for borrowing books and log in “My library”)

2. What is the password?

   Internet account password =“My library”password

The new card default password is the birthday number,like 19820912

If forget the password, you can log in “My library”and set again.

3. How does social reader swipe card?

   The following figure shows old 8 numbers reader card(the figure on the left below),On the upper left corner of self-service computer , please put the bar code in the upper left corner of the scan gun's red ray , adjust the position, (don't put too close to the scanning gun, generally 5-10 cm position just right), until hear a "beep" sound.

  Because of the old social reader IC card's bar code (with photo)(the figure on the right below) is unclear and doesn't applied by new card reader,please go to the information desk on the second floor change a new card for free.

 (8 numbers card)   (old social reader IC card)

Please swipe the new 13 numbers social reader card or Shenzhen “Library Town”reader card on the white card reader with “图书馆之城”.

4. How does campus card log in the website

The following figure shows campus card. Please do not put the card away from the card reader, until hear a "beep" sound.

Campus card ID number = Campus card number


5. Where is “My library”?

   On the upper right corner of Shenzhen university town library home page,as shown below:


6.After turning off the computer, whether we need to swipe card?

Yes, also need to swipe card.

   If in doubt, please consult the service desk (on the third floor retrieval area: 26032376, multimedia room on the second floor: 26032336).