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Return Requests for the Readers

1. The opening time

From Monday to Sunday:
The reading area on the second floor :7:30-22:00  Circulation desk on the second floor and the third floor: 8:40—22:00
National holidays: 10:00-18:00

2.Requests for the Readers

  Library is an important window to propagate scientific culture and to spread the spirit civilization; the library is a manifestation of the spirit of the city. Therefore, every reader should consciously obey the following public morals and norms, and jointly create a civilized, clean and warm and quiet learning environment.

1). Please keep quiet in the library and put the mobile phone or computer and other equipment to mute. Not in the hubbub, reading or talking loudly on a mobile phone.

2). The library is a key fire prevention area. NO smoking or fire. No flammable, explosive materials into the hall. Do not use other appliances except portable computer on the power supply socket

3). Minors in the library must have parents care, keep quiet and pay attention to safety, do not affect others.

4). Reading area is equipped with free water area, please have dinner at cafe on the third floor. No food or drink in the reading area

5). Observe the reading order without item placeholder, don’t occupy the deposit box overnight, or move chairs and sofas.

6). Polite manners, dress neatly when you enter the library. Correct sitting posture, do not sleep in the museum.

7). Please take good care of books and public property, or you pay for the damage according to the regulation.

8). Please consciously maintain the museum clean. Do not disorderly stick, no graffiti, or litter.

9). Please don't do any entertainment, trading activities or anything unrelated with reading, learning, etc. No pets into the Museum 

10). Please take good care of personal items, placeholders and missing items are only provided in a specified time every day.

11). Without permission, it is forbidden to set up, place or the dissemination of advertising and other promotional items in the Museum

12). In addition to special approval, do not take photos in the museum, camera (not to use flash).

13). Please consciously obey the library regulations, support the staff work. To Readers who violate the above provisions, any person has the right to criticize and to stop their behavior.

14).The above measures come into force from the date of release , and the final interpretation of these provisions owned by Shenzhen University Town Library (Shenzhen Science and Technology Library).