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ReturnSeat management rules (on trial)

  To provide the readers with a better civilized and orderly learning environment, and maintain the order of library and ensure the fair and effective use of reading area seats, the library has been strictly enforce the rules of the ban on occupying the seats. To make seat management more fair and user-friendly, the library makes the following rules:

  1. It is not allowed to use any items seized the seats, or seize the seat for others. The readers leave seat beyond 30 minutes are regarded as giving up the seats, and other readers have the right to use the seat.

  2. Carry all the valuables with you when you leave; if you leave for a long time, please take all the items with you, otherwise you face the consequences.

  3. The library staff will not inspect regularly, once they found a seat-occupying behavior, the items (food and beverage will be directly as a garbage disposal) would be packaged and sent to the front desk on the second floor, so that other readers to use.

  4.and the staff would put them back to the shelf. So take care of the books you have borrowed. You would pay for the books you lost in the library.

  5. Find a seat by yourself. If there is no empty seat, or there is only seat with items on it, you can go to the comprehensive service desk on the second floor to apply a paper bag (sticking a ‘paper package list’ on which recorded the location and the time of the seat by the staff and the recipient would be the reader).

  6. The seat can be kept for the readers who leave it within 30 minutes. If you leave beyond 30 minutes, and the seat is taken by other readers who leave within that time, the seat belongs to the following reader. 

  7. The following reader who takes the seat should leave the items intact, and after 30 minutes the reader can put them into the paper bag and send the bag to the staff patrolling around the reading area.

  8.  The items left on the desk would be packaged according to the location of the seat. Please claim you own items at the reception desk on the second floor within 3days (time: 11:30PM - 14:00PM). To the items kept unclaimed more than a month, the library has the right to dispose them. 

  9. The abovemeasures come into force from the date of release.