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ReturnThe library network security system (revised)

    Library Network is an important part of Library information platform. In order to ensure the normal and safe operation of the network, all users and the staff of the network must read and obey the following regulations:

    1. The library computer network and computer hardware and software resources are used for education, teaching, scientific research related business. The content of data transmission through the network, email or news release, should be related to the above thing. And do not violate the state computer and international networking safety rules and regulations.

    2. The library network is limited to the teaching, scientific researchers and management staff of the library system, and readers in the library. And the users would be registered, and do not lend your reader card to others.

    3. Readers in the library should use the Internet according to the requirements. The readers in the retrieval area, or the research area can use the Internet freely by your reader cards (or student ID card) registered. The computer, network interface, and the wireless network in other areas of the library can be connected to the Internet by   loading the account of “the university network center". It is forbidden to engage in any harm to the operation of the network, and it is strictly prohibited to engage in any unauthorized network scanning, or steal IP address and the user account to operate. It is also forbidden to connect the existing network equipment (such as cable, ap access, access switches) to change position or move or pull out operations such as without authorization.

   4. It is strictly prohibited install and use malware in the library network, once found the hacker will be dealt with according to the relevant regulations. If the circumstances are serious, the hacker will be sent to judicial departments. To those people who damage the Internet seriously, the library will investigate responsibility and ask for compensation.

   5. Obey the relevant state laws and administrative rules, and strictly implement safety secrecy. Do not use the network to endanger national security, or leak state secrets, or commit other illegal and criminal activities. Do not make, consult, copy and distribute any information that interferes with social security or have pornographic content.

   6. It is strictly prohibited to operate the massive consumption of resources or do any scientific significance tests on the computer or the Internet: broadcasting or chain communication, gambling operation, or Bt download and other related operations that occupy a lot of bandwidth.

   7. The administrator shall strictly fulfill their responsibility, and solve various system fault found in the work timely, and keep the relevant department informed of the problem that beyond your authority or you cannot solve. When faced with problem, the following measures should be taken: a. observe the failure type. b. the understand and analyze the cause of the problem. c, record failure phenomenon. d. eliminate and solve the problem. e. keep the network department and the leaders informed of the problem that beyond your authority or you cannot solve. f. keep the scene intact and inform the leaders and the public security bureau immediately (if someone is engaged in the network crime or the circumstances are serious).

   8. If any violators are found breaking these regulations, the library will suspend their reader cards for 1 to 6 months according to the situation and the damage and influence they cause; or even sent them to the relevant department to investigate the illegal responsibility.