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ReturnRules on Internet Access for Private Computers

    1. By filling out The Internet Account Registration Form for P.C. used at Shenzhen University Town Library (Hereinafter referred to as “The Internet Registration”), common citizen readers may apply to open an internet account to be used within the library. Each account includes 30 hours online time per month, which cannot be prolonged.(Readers with HongRu card have unlimited online time). The account, which is free of charge during the pilot phase, is valid for 3 months and needed to be re-applied after expiration.

   2. Internet account opening service is limited to common citizen readers only. Campus readers within the university town´╝îincluding freshmen who haven't finished completed registration, should apply for the internet account related service at the Network Center of University Town, rather than apply at the library.

   3. Applicants should provide both the Readers card and ID cards. Staff would check the readers information in the ILAS. Readers who have been cancelled, without adequate contact information, or have a campus card that hasn’t been cancelled won't be allowed to open an account.

   4. The internet account for P.C. is lib+ reader’s card number with 8 bits, and initial code is set by reader.

   5. Readers who use the internet within Shenzhen Science and technology library (namely Shenzhen University Library) (Hereinafter referred to as “readers”) should keep well his private device and properly use the power source supplied by area appointed. Readers should take full responsibility for any malfunction existing or happened in the software or hardware.

   6. Readers should observe the national and regional laws and regulations on information technology and internet, including but not limited to ,< Regulations on Prevention and Treatment of Computer Virus >,. Readers should execute the security and secrecy system in strict rotation and take full responsibility in all the information released by himself.

   7. Readers must keep well his reader’s card number and code and promise to enter the internet by his own account, which should never be transferred to others.

   8. Shenzhen Science and technology library (namely Shenzhen University Library) provide the internet service for readers, but relief from the responsibility for the accuracy, completion, timeliness and authority of the information and material online. The library take no responsibility for picking up or applying for resources with restrict permission to readers, or guarantee for the security of information transmission online.

   9. Readers should optimize regularly his own computer system used in the library, search and kill computer virus, avoid networking operation of too much resource consuming such as P2P software, and observe strictly laws and regulations on protecting intellectual property rights when use the software and information online. 

   10. Readers should defer to the examination work on internet security and information administration executed by department related, and report timely any illegal conducts of damaging the internet facility in the library or releasing detrimental information online.

   11. The library reserves the rights to suspend the reader’s privilege to use the internet services, whoever acts against the regulations. And the library will report the misfeasors and transfer the materials to the authority related.

   12. Readers promise to observe the rules and regulations above and bear legal liability in case any violation occurred.

   13. Shenzhen Science and technology library (namely Shenzhen University Library) reserve the rights to interpret and alter any terms and conditions in this regulation. Terms altered is valid instead of the former regulation once being released from the Shenzhen Science and technology library(namely Shenzhen University Library) website.