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ReturnLibrary Storage Lockers Use Regulations (on Trial)

    1. The storage lockers are temporarily and freely used for depositing the readers' bags and other items when they look up information in the library.

   2. All the storage lockers are current used, and do not leave items overnight. Users are required to take items away before library closes.

   3. Bag storage facilities are required to be taken good care of. Please do not put anything that causes oil spilling, water leakage or smells or is combustible and explosive into the lockers;

   4. In order to ensure security of stored items, please do not leave any valuables (laptops, mobile phones, wallets, etc.) stored in the lockers. If anything is lost, it is reader’s own responsibility.

   5. The library will be clean up the storage lockers at 8:00PM every day, if the items were lost due to this, the offenders would face the consequences. To readers who occupy the storage lockers illegally, the library will forbid their right to borrow or read the books from 7 to 15 days.

   6. The items cleaned from lockers will be stored in the library service desk for 5 days (during holiday it will be automatically postponed to the next working day). Readers can go to the service desk to claim (the claim time is from 11:30 to 14:00), by your valid documents (ID card, reader card). If you cannot provide valid documents, the service desk staffs have the right to refuse your request to find items, and readers need to fill in the form of "the claim to the storage lockers” and detail the items you claim and leave your phone number. For those items kept unclaimed beyond five days, the library has the right to deal with that.

   7. If your bar codes were lost, or you forgot your position of your locker, or there were lockers failure, etc, you cannot force the locker open. You should show your valid document to the staffs of comprehensive desk and ask for their help, and the staffs have right to check the items: compare the reader statement with the items.   

   8. If you damage storage locker, you should pay for it according to the manufacturer's price.

   9. If you found anything were stolen, please inform security guards immediately, we would do our best to help.

   10. The above measures come into force from the date of release. The right of interpretation belongs to the library.