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ReturnThe lost - and - found office management approach (on trial)

    1. In order to strengthen the management of the gleaning items and the lost - and - found, and safeguard the rights and interests of readers, and practice service tenet of "everything for the development of the people, and for the sake of all human development", and combine with the practical, the library formulate the following  measures.

   2. The gleaning items mentioned in the measures, refers to the library staff and readers (hereinafter referred to as "finder") in the museum find the items that are left behind or missing by others (hereinafter referred to as "owner"), and the items used to occupy the seat in the reading area or storage locker and found by the staff are regarded as gleaning items as well.

   3. The lost-and-found office is set in the property affairs office of the comprehensive service desk on the second floor temporally, and it will take the responsibility of the gleaning items’ register, keep, claim, and hand in.

   4. All items found in the library should be sent immediately to property affairs office of the library comprehensive service desk on the second floor. The staffs will check with the founder, and record the name, features of the items in detail and when and where it is found.

   5. After finish the record of the missing items, if there is any information of the owner on the items, the staffs will inform the owner as soon as possible. If there is no information about the owner or the staffs cannot contact with the owner, the staffs will put notice on the “library homepage- the reader service-the missing items clam board” (the items used to occupy the seat or storage locker are excepted)

   6. When the losers miss their items in the library, they can search and claim these things according to the following procedure:

   (a) Directly log on the bulletin board of the library homepage or go to the property affairs office of the library comprehensive service desk to query. If the items are found and checked to be true, the owner can take procedures of claim. When claim the missing items, please take the effective certificate (ID card, card reader) with you, and the claim time for items found occupying the seat or the storage locker is from 11:30 to14:00 every day.
   (b) If by the query, still cannot find the missing item, the loser would find other ways to find them.
   (c) If the loser entrust others to claim the missing items, the letter of authorization from the loser, the ID card of both the loser’s and the representatives’ are needed.

   7. From the time when the item is found and after 30 days it still keeps unclaimed, the library will have the right to deal with it.

   8. The person who pretend to be the owner, would pay for the owner’s lost, and bear the legal liability

   9. Shenzhen university library is responsible for the interpretation of these procedures.

   10. These measures come into force from the date of release.