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ReturnSubmission Instruction of Dissertation

    According to “regulations for the reserving and using dissertation of Shenzhen University Town”,every master and doctor should refer print edition and electric edition dissertation to the library of Shenzhen University Town after the defense of theses.The detail explanation of dissertation referring matters follows below:

     I、Submission methods of dissertation
    1、 Submission of electric edition dissertation
   Enter “digitized dissertation system of Shenzhen University Town”,click”start to submit essays”,register with student number,filled in real personal information,log in with student number,fill in metadata and summarization information,submit electric edition dissertation.If ActiveX couldn’t open on upload dissertation,please enable”auto-reminder ActiveX”and download unsigned ActiveX”in”the option of Internet-safety-custom level-ActiveX widget and plug-in”,then refresh page and install ActiveX widget.

    1.1 Fill in all contents of necessary column in dissertation’s submitting form(including metadata and abstract)
     1.1.1 Please complete the required filed(labeled with *),otherwise the submission would fail.
     1.1.2 Choose of department:
  From 2012,submit dissertation should choose institute based on existing name×××University/College,such as Information Science and Technical Department of Tsinghua Institution(the original name in system out of service,such as Information Department,Tsinghua).
    If you couldn tfind your department,please call 26032361.If you couldn’t find your major,please choose”other”and add by yourself,or call 26032361.
    1.1.3 Please carefully fill in the “Security” of the dissertation,and see management method of dissertation in the library of Shenzhen University Town,in relevant document.
    1.1.4 Autograph and abstract couldn’t garbled.If the gibberish are caused by formula,molecules and other special characters can not be typed on,please instead by temporarily.
    1.1.5 Pay attention to tips of submit successfully

    1.2 After submit autograph and abstract successfully,enter pages of submit dissertation,choose the dissertation which should be submitted.

    2、The Submission of Print Edition  Dissertation
    Print edition dissertation should be submitted to main service desk on library’s second floor,and then bring receipt to seal of library and hand them over to library.

    3、Resulting Query
    After submit dissertation successful online for 3 workdays,click”query”on the submission page to inquire if the dissertation passed validation.If it fail to pass,please to check the reason and modification until pass the validation.When handling the school leaving procedure,the dissertation include a signed authorization page,take the copies of the page.The student who’s dissertation doesn’t include authorization page,please bring original page which signed author and advisors’ names(original page has same effects to copies).No matter original page or copies,please mark out school’s name,campus number,student number and name of the author in the upper left corner of the authorization page.The library not allowed to transact leaving school procedures without authorization page.
    Note: the method of obtaining authorization page:(1) download(see the link below) or (2) take from reference desk of library

     4、Check Receipt
    Please click download receipt to obtain dissertation receipt(the first and the second line),print it out and fill in with pen,sigued by self and executive of business office.The first line will be keep in library regarded as archival sources,the second line is regarded as the evidence to get the diploma.When the dissertation pass acceptation inspection,please bring it to library of Shenzhen University Town to seal.

    Ⅱ The relevant provision of electric edition

     1、The demand of file format
     1.1 Word 917,word2000,word2003 or wordXP editing saved *.doc document
     1.2 X.pdf document transformed by Adobe Acrobat
     1.3 If the dissertation of doctor has confirm master’s phase thesis please put them together in a ZIP document to submit.

    2、The form of filename:school’s code+name+student number+”_”+the version of edit files school’s code:graduate department in Shenzhen of Peking University 02,graduate department of Harbin Institute of Technology 03,International Finacial Engineering College of NanKai 04.For example:Dr.ZhaoXiaodong,03s980021,graduate department in ShenZhen of Harbin Institute of Technology 03,the filename should be:03ZhaoXiaodong03s980021-97.doc.
     Graduate department of Tsinghua University(code 02),student number 2004210055,Wangwei.The filename should be 02Wangwei2004210055(certain master)-2000.zip.

    3、The full content of electric edition
     It must include:cover,Chinese abstract,English abstract,schedule,main body,bibliography and necessary addendum.
     The pagination of schedule must meet the section of the text and addendum.The main body’s pagination should start from1,before the body should use Roma number(ⅠⅡ……).
     The diagram in the main body must be complete.If has missed part,it’ll be treated as disqualification and should be represent after complete.
     How to put different files from different sections(different header).Open the first chapter in word,interpose page down in the end of the chapter,and then interpose the second chapter”by”file option from the insert menu and so on.At last, confirm the header of each chapter.
     Submit the dissertation after defense the theses.

   Ⅲ The leaving school procedure of graduates

    1、Submit the electric edition of dissertation,the address is dissertation on the homepage of library-”submission of dissertation.”

    2、Enter”dissertation quarying”to check authentication status in 3 days.The procedures are allowed to handle when the state is”autheticated”.If not,please modification based on the reason.

    3、Read “Regulations for the reserving and using dissertation of Shenzhen University Town”,sign dissertation authoritious which must have director’s signature.If  have future suggestion should mark out in the quthorization.

    4、Handle leaving school procedure, please bring
     4.1 Authorization in duolicate. One is reserved by library when handling procedure,the other is reserved by self.
     4.2 Offer return receipt

    5、If the student need to handle leaving school procedure who delay defence, please bring Dean’s certify, write student number,name,contact way and defense date clearly to handle relevant procedures.

    6、If has any question,please check the notices on the homepage of the library of Shenzhen Univercity Town or call 26032935,ZhouKe@utsz.edu.cn.